Yesterday's review: Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson

This not having internet access thing sucks.

I swear, when I started reading this, I did not know there was a huge flood scene in it. It was very strange reading this yesterday and then looking at the coverage about New Orleans.

Forty Signs of Rain is a novel about science pretending to be a science fiction novel about global warming. Through several science and environmentally oriented people, Robinson examines a new-future scenario where signs of global warming are increasing dramatically, yet the US government is reluctant to do anything about it.

It's strongly reminiscent of Cryptonomicon; the near future setting, the pages of seeming off-topic digressions, hints of unresolved mysticism and the lack of a strong ending.

I enjoyed it because I enjoyed the characters. Robinson is a very charismatic writer. Hey, sometimes I too get caught up in musings about how primates act in elevators. But I can't say that much happened or there was much of a plot.

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