Good gifts

Here are some of the books I've reviewed that would make excellent gifts.

For aspiring authors:

Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderon

For engineers:
The World's Stupidest Inventions

For kids:

The Adventures of Riley: Mission to Madagascar

For pet owners:

Animals in Translation

For your mom:
Phenomonal Woman

For Star Trek fans:

The Nimoy and Delancey audio productions of The First Men in the Moon and The Lost World and hey, the rest of them.


Anonymous said...

Now you've got me thinking. I really enjoy this blog, I'll definitely pop around more often, keep it up!

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Jan said...

You're not kidding. I've thought at least a dozen times how useful your blog will be come gift-giving to my literature-loving family time!

I'm amazed at your reading pace. I've always considered myself an avid reader, but you amaze me.

Love the blog, ya know!