Reading Journal Entry: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

I finally decided to explore this incredibly popular mystery series about a (duh) a ladies detective agency in Bostwana. The premise is unusual and the execution equally so; there's no big 'case' and no murderer. It's more of an introduction to the main character, Precious Ramotswe, (Botswana's first and only lady private detective), her country, her city, and her friends, as she starts her business and take son her first few cases. It's an enjoyable, meandering portrait of Africa. Ma Ramotswe is an irresistable character - fat, happy, and self-sufficient.

Alexander McCall Smith chose, perhaps to enhance the book's attractiveness to the women who make up the majority of the mystery-buying market, to express a surprising of misandry in this work. Musings on the eternal nature of Africa and the insignificance of human existence are matched by musings how men just keep messing everything up. Very odd.

Fun, but I won't seek out other books in the series.

Lisette Lecat is an excellent reader - she has a perfect round, full voice and really caresses the words. An excellent audio production.


Eva Gale said...

Now this one looked interesting to me, but I had so much on my TBR pile I had to pass.

Great list you have going.

Myownigloo said...

I've read them all and I love them. I'm wondering whethere it's different when you actually use your eyes rather than your ears to "read" them. (Not a criticism of books on tape, just musing.)