Reading Journal Entry: Flight, Vol. 2

Flight, Vol.2 is a graphic collection issued by Image and edited by Kazu Kibuishi. It contains 33 short comic stories from various artists. Many are exceptional, but some I just don't 'get'. I was charmed by 'The Robot and The Sparrow' by Jake Parker and 'Ghost Trolley' by Rad Sechrist. The art of 'Monster Slayers' by Khang Lee is filled with wry details. 'Tendergrass' by Matthew Woodson was merely impenetrable; 'A Test for Cenri' by Amy Kim Ganter and 'La Sonadora' by Joana Carneiro seemed frankly mediocre.

There is a great well of silence in this book; multiple selections contain no text, only images. This seems pretentious to me; I like words with my pictures.

I don't know if this deserves your hard-earned money, but it deserves a flip-through in the bookstore/comic book store (and that's a debate for another time....)

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