Gimme money!

I'm riding 60 miles for MS this weekend.

I have never ridden that far in one day in my life. This should be interesting. It's across the Tappan Zee Bridge and up to Bear Mountain, so the scenery I won't be enjoying due to exhaustion will be very nice.

If you donate, I'll be your best friend.


wrnglrjan said...

Donate a little, sure. Give some charity website my name, address (e- and home) and phone number? Not so much. Not that charities are bad, or anything, but I get enough unwanted mail/email/phone calls as it is.

Email me your address and I'd be happy to pop a little something in the mail ...


P.S. I participated for years as a kid in the M.S. Read-A-Thon. Do they still do that? You would rock the M.S. Read-A-Thon!

Myownigloo said...

I did it. Now you gotta be my best friend.

mapletree7 said...

Hey! I have a new best friend!