Reading Journal Entry: The Warslayer by Rosemary Edghill

I like Rosemary Edghill's work a lot. She's been very successful co-authoring books with Mercedes Lackey that I don't like very much - I'm just not a Lackey fan. This is a stand-alone work that came out in 2003. I'm surprised I didn't see this when it came out. But I didn't! Until a search last week turned up some new Edghill stuff for me to enjoy.

The Warslayer is about the star of a syndicated TV show inspired by Buffy and Xena. Gloria McArdle is a failed Australian Olympic gymnast who somehow landed a role as Vizen the SLayer, guarding medieval English against the incursions of witches and demons with a pudgy nun sidekick, Sister Bernadette. She's on a publicity tour in the US when three sweet looking bald aliens show up at her door and ask her to save their race. Glory is trying to explain that she's not really a warrior princess when, woops! The magic goes off, and she gets taken along for the ride.

There's quite a bit borrowed from Galaxy Quest here, with a sharper eye to the foibles of fandom. The Allimir definitely need rescuing, and Glory finds herself suckered into trying. If only she could get rid of the completely impractical chain metal bikini that serves Vixen the Slayer as a costume....

An enjoyable adventure, and it did manage to surprise me just a little bit.

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