Reading Journal Entry: Best Places San Juan & Gulf Islands

I've been using this and other guidebooks to plan a short vacation trip next weekend. It will be my fifth wedding anniversary. Husband and I have been together for eleven years total. For several years in a row we have gone back to Ithaca, NY, where we met. But we're both so busy this year that we decided it's time to start a new tradition in a new place. So we're visiting Orcas Island, which is within driving distance.

This has been by fat the best resource. It succintly describes each island and its individual resources in a way that the others really didn't. Very well organized. Highly recommended. And I'll tell you about the Island when we get from the trip.


Sylvia said...

Enjoy! And bring us some rain please--the trees are getting pretty desperate here.

Richard Mason said...

Did you give each other wooden gifts?