Reading Journal Entry: The Great Pretender by Millenia Black

I checked The Great Pretender out because of a brou-ha-ha on the author Millenia Black's blog

Ms. Black spoke out with a vengeance when her publisher (New American Library), threatened not to publish her next book unless she made the characters black.

She prevailed in that dispute. Her book The Great Betrayal will be published with white characters as it was originally written. I imagine NAL got a ton of bad publicity out of that one (good move guys!)

So, yeah, brou all over the place, followed by a 'ha ha'. I had to check out her work.

I'm afraid The Great Pretender was one of the worst books I've read all year. I only finished reading it so I could write a review. The characters were horrible, unlikeable, poorly motivated paper cut-outs. The writing was stiff. The dialogue was unbelievable. The plotting was clumsy. If a gun is introduced in the first act in the form of a divorcing friend who knows dirty secrets, I expect a gun to go off in the third act in the form of said friend actually revealing some secrets, not getting laid with yet another minor character who I don't care about. There were not one, not two, but THREE unintended pregnancies. Plus an STD.

There was really nothing good about this book. It was one of those books that says 'hey, if this got published, maybe YOU should try writing a book again! Because this sucks!'


Eileen Garibaldi said...

Hmm...interesting pan. I think I'll give it a whirl anyhow. After all, depending on your tastes, the same can be said about all of Jackie Collins bestsellers...but they are bestsellers.

Ancient Reader said...

I believe in freedom of speech, oh yes.

I taught my child to express whatever is on the mind, but it's done in a context because there can be serious consequences to individuals who don't exercise freedom of speech to their best advantage.

Among the many things that can happen when someone speaks, is the fact they can do a good job of revealing distasteful information about themselves.

The opening commenter of this blog page, has given the subsequent readers no problem in understanding what a "biased mind" really is.

Here's the basis for my analysis and conclusion of the writer above...

See, even if the contents of "The Great Pretender" were everything she/he said, was there anything worthwhile in the novel despite those facts to mention, so has to show some balance? (Is there an ulterior motive here in the mind of this writer or what?)

The writer has got to be in yet another dark world of Satan where the powers of "unbalanced and negativity thought processes is the key ingredients of a distorted mindset.

I would not be surprised if the writer feels insulted by being a great pretender themselves, and maybe should be taking out their frustrations on the Publisher who paid big bucks to have it marketed, because according to this writer the publisher's editor must have been under the influence of something to buy "The Great Pretender", right?.

Where I shop on the US Amazon.con and even on the Canadian there are many raving reviews of this novel, the reviewer here is a minority counted on one hand.

Freedom of speech for us all! ........... -:)

mapletree7 said...

I believe you're accusing me of giving the book a bad review because I am racist?

Well, that is interesting.

I'd be more than happy to engage anyone in discussion on ther merits of the book in question - but I think I'll give your insult all the attention it deserves...none.

Ancient Reader said...


Come on, where is your ability to interpose and dissect the things I've said and to logically usurp my position?

Why would you attempt to parley with someone else rather than with me who have given you a viable explanatory challenge?

So you've sized me up quickly because my words have gotten you so confused it seems and you don't really have the faintest idea on where or how to begin an effective rebuttal to my assessment of the biased stuff you've written, so there you go on your ten speed bicycle... being in your shoes, I'd probably do the same thing, so I can understand you move here.

I did perhaps that you may have been a Great Pretender as Millenia Black's novel portrayed but never have I said that you were a racist, and
I'm very very glad that I did not say so.

Now I'm really suspicious that you may well be a racist the fact that you've mentioned it, for writing such idiotically biased review.

What say you? ........ -:)

Richard Mason said...


I'm curious if this is meant to be Pinocchio wearing earmuffs, or Kermit the Frog with a mohawk.