Reading Journal Entry: The Art of Detection by Laurie R. King

I'm back! And boy did we have fun. I got a lot of reading, in, too. My favorite kind of vacation - exhaustion , naps, reading in regular rotation.

I finished Laurie R. King's latest, The Art of Detection. King manages to join her two best-selling mystery series in this: Kate Martinelli, a lesbian detective in San Francisco, is called in to investigate the murder of a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. Said enthusiast had just discovered a lost Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story set in San Francisco; the text of the story is made available to the reader. It's a lovely bit of meta-book-action to read King's Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery within a story in a mystery being solved by King's Martinelli.

The action gets kicked off with the discovery of a body in a gun emplacement in Marin County Park, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. There's a bit of exposition which some will skip - I found it all fascinating because a few years ago I explored that very park and toured a Nike missile site that had been turned into a museum.

Very enjoyable.

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