Reading Journal Entry: The Baby Inheritance by Ann Roth

I grabbed this randomly off the shelf at the library and two days later Bam does a cover snark on it. So I had to actually read it and find out if it was as cheesy as she predicted.

Pretty much. A warm-hearted veterinarian who saves injured wild animals inherits a cute baby. Naturally she has a dark secret. Naturally she has a hot neighbor who also has a dark secret. Naturally, they are drawn to each other, but it just doesn't make sense for them to be together.

Actually, this wasn't half bad. Kind of lukewarm. As plots go it wasn't too outrageous. My main objection: the internal conflicts were kind of stupid. So, her kid sister died. So what? Go to therapy already! I don't have a lot of patience with stupid people in real life - on paper, even less. I could have bought it if she had subconscious resistance to the idea of raising a child because of a traumatic incident. But for a character to sit down and calmly explains that the reason she can't give her cousin's child to a loving family to raise is that her kid sister died of SIDS when she was five - that's stupid. Because you know what? Unless she's stupid, she already knows, intellectually, that it wasn't her fault. Some Johnny Hotpants saying, 'Hey, it wasn't your fault' shouldn't be earthshattering.

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