Reading Journal Entry: Tam Lin by Jane Yolan and Charles Mikolaycak

I'm still chewing my way through George R. R. Martin's latest.

Meanwhile here's my take on a version of Tam Lin. I was looking for the modern re-telling written by Pamela Dean, which comes highly recommended. Instead I ended up with two picture books, one by fantasy author Susan Cooper and one by fantasy author Jane Yolen. Excuse me, are there any female fantasy authors out there who haven't written a version of Tam Lin? Anyone? Anyone? Maybe J. K. Rowling can tackle it after she finished the next Harry Potter book. Which, by the way, I'm quite ready for.

Tam Lin is a nice fairy tale; unusual in that it's got a female heroine. Janet (or Margaret) is impregnated by a strange man when she transgresses on haunted ground; she must rescue her lover from the elf queen before he is sacrificed to the devil.

Yolen's take is pretty straightforward, with bold, stylized art by Mikolaycak. I love the swirling tartans that Janet and Tam wear. They completely won me over. What can I say, I'm a Scot at heart.

The style is reminiscent of Mucha, which I intend as a compliment.

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