Reading Journal Entry: Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones

I decided to go on another Diana Wynne Jones binge this week.

She's a British fantasy author who writes delicious young adult books.

Archer's Goon is about Howard and his family problem. He comes home one day to find a Goon sitting in his kitchen - a Goon sent by a mysterious entity names 'Archer' who wants two thousand from his father. Now. It's overdue.

But we're not talking pounds, we're talking words. Quentin Sykes is a novelist and he's been turning two thousand words periodically over to a government official as part of a 'deal' that was just a joke to help him get over writer's block - or so he thought. But Archer's Goon won't go away, and the Sykes family gets pulled further and further into an imbroglio involving powers they don't understand.

Very good, very fun, and kept me from guessing what was really going on until almost the very last minute.

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Kate R said...

Oooooo I LOVE DWJ. that was the very first book of hers I read.