Reading Journal Entry: Drowned Ammet, by Diana Wynne Jones

Drowned Ammet is the direct prequel to The Crown of Dalemark, which I won't be reviewing this week. It was the first of the Dalemark books that I read, and I disagree strongly with the reviewer from the School Library Journal who deems it 'unlikely that those who haven't read the first three books in the series will be willing to unravel the labyrinthine plot.' I didn't even realize there was a previous book untiel recently.

But that's not the book we're talking about. In Drowned Ammet, we meet three young kids growing up in Holand; Mitt, the son of a farmer, and Hildi and Ynen, members of the ruling family. Holand is in the south of Dalemark, which means that it is ruled by an iron first! In this case the iron fist supplies some, but not all, of the requisite homicidal family members. Mitt becomes involved with a revolutionary group, Hildi is engaged against her will to a foreign prince, and the
real trouble starts when the Count is murdered by someone else entirely.

Who is Drowned Ammet? Ammet is a local god who is trhown into the bay each year. He's very helpful.

It's a fun book, but I didn't find the way Mitt's family woes resolve themselves to be particularly realistic.... seemed a bit over the top, to be honest.

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