Event report: A Conversation With Madeleine Albright May 9 Town Hall

Madeleine Albright appeared last night at Seattle's Town Hall in an event sponsored by the City Club of Seattle.

This is the second event I attended at Town Hall, the first being Gay Talese last week. It's a great space, very classical.

Dr. Albright is touring to promote sales of her newest book, The Mighty and the Almighty, about the role of religion in diplomacy. I read and loved her memoir Madam Secretary. She's such an inspiring figure. I really respect her.

So, apparently, does everyone else in Seattle. This was a sold-out event. Dr. Albright was greeted by a standing ovation (where do you go from there?) and the event was punctuated by applause whenever she dropped an especially savory bon mot about the current administration. The nostalgia was almost palpable.

There were two comfy-looking chairs onstage for Dr. Albright and Michael Kinsley, who provided the 'con' part of the versation. Their exchange lasted about forty minutes. Following which, Dr. Albright signed books for many of her adoring fans (including me). I hadn't intended to buy a book, but I caved at the last minute and made sure I sat in the right place so I could jump into the head of the line when it started to form.

Got home around 9:30 well pleased with the way I spent my evening.

A crappy drawing of Madeleine Albright and Michael Kinsley at Town Hall in Seattle on May 9, 2006

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