Reading Journal Entry: The Last Word, by N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright was recently brandished at me in an internet discussion about the historicity of Jesus. So I went to the bat library and reserved everything he'd written, with the intent of demolishing the argument of someone I've never seen, whose opinion I do not particularly respect.

Two weeks later I've only got one book back, it's about something totally different, and the argument is long over. I read it anyway.

The Last Word is a book about scripture and how Christian authorities and lay people should treat scripture in their decision-making process. It's quite a slim little volume, and it leans heavily towards the 'tell' end of the 'show/tell' spectrum. Long on argument, short on supporting evidence.

This seems to be because it's written to the 'choir', so to speak. This is intended strictly for Christian, and mostly for Christians who are already well-educated about the history of the Church.

I'm the one (educated) but not the other (Christian) so this was pretty much a waste of my time.

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