The Event Report That Wasn't - Marjane Satrapi

The first event of Seattle Reads Persepolis with Marjane Satrapi was tonight at the Lake City Branch of the Seattle Public Library.

Yours Truly trundled up north with a sketchpad, prepared to make a patented Crappy Drawing (tm). But even twenty minutes before the event began, the room was packed to the gills. Standing room only. MORE than standing room only, standing room only plus people sticking their heads in the windows. The sign posted said the room was legal for 55 people; there were probably twice that many crammed inside and as many outside as well.

I had a good spot right outside the door due to my early arrival. But first some horrible woman squeezed in front of me and got in my way. Then Satrapi started to read. She was sitting down, so I couldn't see her at all, and the gain on her mike was very low, so she was inaudible. I left. I bet she sells a lot of books, it was quite a crowd!

It was not very good planning to put her in such a small room for her first event in the area. I just hope nobody pulled the fire alarm.

I'll catch her at one of the later events - maybe one with a larger venue like Town Hall.

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