Reading Journal Entry: Shadow Lover, by Anne Stuart

Bam reviewed this and I reserved it because it sounded like a really good read. And it was!

Carolyn is the type of romance heroine I like - she's 31, she's not too annoyingly passive, she's had orgasms and she's not a virgin. She does have a Haunted Past and mysterious origins, but in a totally believable foster child way. Carolyn was fostered by the wealthy McDowell family. They treat her like a servant. But she's stuck there for the moment, because the woman who raised her is dying.
Surprise! Her long-lost son shows up, after 18 years on the lam. But is he really who he says he is? And if so, is this Carolyn's chance to fulfill the mother of all adolescent crushes?

Snarky rich people, Martha's Vineyard, mistaken identity, violence, etc. The plot moves along nicely, and Carolyn and Alex's relationship is engaging without being over-the-top. Great fun.


Dionne said...

Yeah, it's one of my faves. :)

Maxine said...

Hmm, I don't read romance since reading about 20 Mills and Boon in my teens and concluding they are kind of neuter.
Your post makes me think I should maybe change my mind!
(Curse you, in the nicest possible way-- the last thing I need is another book to read).
BTW, just finished Silence of the Grave, it is excellent, I highly recommend it. At your speed, you'll finish it in a day it is very short, and very very good.

mapletree7 said...

Silence of the Grave - check.

Romance novels can be very satisfying. And this one is very competently done.

mapletree7 said...

author on Silence of the Grave? It's not coming up, and neither is Secret of the Siren. Damn this UK-US divide!