Reading Journal Entry: Black, White, & Jewish, by Rebecca Walker

Read this for book group. Not as much Jewish content as hoped - barely mentioned in fact. Nonetheless the book sparked the closest thing in real life I've seen to an internet argument, with one fiery member declaring loudly that the book was a piece of shit and totally uninteresting. He will use it for toilet paper.

I can't say I agree with that, but I must say that the book got a lot less interesting once she started talking about her boyfriends. I would have enjoyed hearing more about Walker's famous parents instead.

I think the book suffered from an overemphasis on the 'shifting self'; more about race relations would have made it a much more solid experience. More....something!

I printed out the publisher's suggested discussion questions before the meeting (it was at my house, and waht I had buyign vegetables at Costco, and arranging olives, and so forth) and my, weren't they awful. Both boring AND condescending at the same time.

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spydr said...

okay, i just finished reading black white and jewish a couple of days ago and ranted in my blog and it sounds like i hated it a little if you read it but i'm all over the place mentally like she was with the pen...i agree, there was waaaaay too much talk about her boyfriends, barely enough about her partner with whom she has a son and i would suggest that you read alice walker's last bio to get a clearer picture of mel levinthal and alice walker.