Reading Journal Entry: Counting Heads, by David Marusek

David Marusek wrote the beginning of this nbook as a novella titled 'We Were Out Of Our Minds With Joy'. I read that when it was first published, way back in 1995. It's about a relationship in 2092, from tantalizing flirtatious beginning to soaring apex to crushing disaster. I learned that Marusek had written Counting Heads from Dave Itzkhof's science fiction column in the New York Times.

The bulk of the story takes place forty years after the end of the novella, but, oddly enough, the world hasn't changed much. Some of the characters we met before are trying to work together to foil a conspiracy; but in reality this about an exploration of a high technology environment where computers are people and clones are too. Interesting, fun, but a bit scattershot.

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