The Alt.list: winning authors

I took some time tonight to do some numbers magic with the votes allocation by author instead of title.

I counted two ways, by number of votes and by number of points. I used the same point balues I used before to assign weight to votes, if someone nominated more than one book. A nice side effect of that is that if someone voted for more than one title from an individual author, that weighting is carried through in the points score.

Paul Auster 10
John Irving 9
Richard Russo 9
Lief Enger 5
Don DeLillo 4
Marilynne Robinson 4
Michael Chabon 4
Alice Walker 3
David Foster Wallace 3
David Guterson 3

There are no huge surprises there. But wow, when I tallied up the weighted 'points' scores, what a difference! Paul Auster lost his lead.

Richard Russo 55.84
John Irving 33.22
David Foster Wallace 30
Paul Auster 29.61
Don DeLillo 22.93
Marilynne Robinson 22.67
Michael Chabon 18.23
Leif Enger 15.17

A lot of people really like Richard Russo.

I think I'll tackle Empire Falls here after The New York Trilogy

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kimbofo said...

Oh dear. The list is still depressingly male and white, isn't it?