Throwing stones.....

Plagiarism scandals? A new one every week, it seems.

Today's object lesson is Kaavya Viswanathan, author of a chick-lit-ish piece of trash that apparently made the best-seller lists and commanded a huge $500,000 advance (even if you assume it was inflated by a factor of ten, that's $50,000 and huge).

I'm reluctant to assume the worst of these authors. Especially in the latest scandal - involving a young, attractive woman who received a sizable advance. I'm seeing a lot of venom and I'm sure a lot of it is due to envy.

She claims it was unconscious plagiariam.

Unintentional plagiarism - it does happen. There are cases that no-one disputes.

So tell me, how much bile are you willing to throw at Helen Keller?

Do you have the power to see into Viswanathan's head and tell whether she's lying?

I don't....


Maxine said...

Here are two contrasting views from the same blog, Language Log:

Geoff Pullum:

Bill Poser:

take your pick!

Richard Mason said...

I used to have a colleague who was usually very critical of any idea you might suggest to him. Then the next day he would come looking for you, all excited about the brilliant idea he just had.

mapletree7 said...

My boss does that sometimes - during the same conversation!!

It's very funny. He's a nice guy, so I don't mind too much.