Reading Journal Entry: Tinker, by Wen Spencer

No Great Books this week - that's because I am gearing up to read George R. R. Martin's A Feast For Crows. I finally got to the top of the waiting list at the library. And it's a pretty hefty volume, even for me - I want to have time to enjoy it. That's why I gulped down the YA books for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday over the weekend - Tinker I finished mid-day today, and I've started on The Game by Laurie R. King book which should go down by tonight at the latest, leaving me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to devote to George.

As if you care.

Tinker sounded like a nice piece of candy as reviewed by Dionne at It's Not Chick Porn earlier this month. Right up my alley. So I waved down the magic SPL bus and climbed aboard (<---metaphor).

Tinker is an 18 year old chick who owns a working junkyard in an alternate reality Pittsburgh which spends most of the time in Elfland. She's just beginning to discover her girly parts and gets all tingly when she rescues a hunky Elf-lord who, it so happens, rescued her from a ravening beast a couple years earlier. Oh, and it just so happens that she's the smartest person in the planet and the only person who can Save the Universe from deadly peril! Stop me if you've heard this before.

Tinker is a great character, and the steampunk elfland junkyard is impossible to resist. The action is very fast-paced, which rescues the book from some minorly sloppy writing (I kept wanting to get out my red editor's penvil) and some pretty wooden characters - Wolfwind, for example, who never really makes sense. At all.

Loaded with sterotypes, but fun stuff.I can see why the series is a top seller.

Pacing, folks, PACING! Pacing is KEY!

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