Reading Journal Entry: Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

I saw mention of this new romance series by Tara Janzen at Bookseller Chick.

BC promised me 'non-stop trashy action'. So I headed down to the Bat Library and picked up Crazy Hot. Which, quite frankly, delivers.

Our heroine is looking for her lost paleontologist grandpa when she stumbles into the arms of her high school crush. Who is now a former fighter pilot/national hero/secret government operative bringing down a smuggling ring.

Guns! Gangsters! Fast cars! Dinosaur bones! Ravenous dogs! Deflowerings! Explosions! This romance has it all and more.

Cliches abound, but who cares? It's too fast paced for you to notice. My one quibble is with the secondary plotline - the punked-out artist kid sister who has painted dozens of hot naked men is not a virgin. She's just not. Sorry. Try again next time with that one, Tara! Meanwhile I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to talk to you about.

Update: I forgot to mention one thing. Condoms! Every sexual encounter featured a condom, front and center. Not enough romance novels feature condoms. I approve.

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