Nice things happening to nice people

Leafing through my latest issue of Publisher's Weekly I spotted two positive reviews for two of my favorite authors, who also happen to be denizens of my blogroll.

Laurie R. King's Mutterings provide tantalizing personal & professional glimpses into her life. Her newest, The Art of Detection, received a is called a "an intelligent, satisfying novel of suspense". I can't wait to read it - and coincidentally, I'm currently immersed in The Game. Art promises to bring about the long-awaited collision between her Kate Martinelli series and the Holmes pastiche Mary Russell series.

Stephen Barnes talks about writing, politics, and martial arts (among other topics) at Dar Kush. I've been a big fan of the alternate history series that begins with Lion's Blood.

His forthcoming Great Sky Woman (and 20th novel? where do you find the time?) is called "daringly epic in scope" with "impressive atmospheric detail". It's set in prehistoric Africa, under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. I'll definitely read it.

Interestingly, although both Barnes and King are 'genre' authors (Barnes - SF, King - mystery), and the books' descriptions seem to fit, neither of these reviews were placed in the genre reviews sections (otherwise known as the 'genre ghetto'). Is this a prediction of mass market appeal? I wonder.

Congratulations to King and Barnes on the positive reviews.

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