Reading Journal Entry: Mr. Impossible, by Loretta Chase

After all that Boccaccio I was still in the mood for romance, so back to Loretta Chase. I put all her books on hold at the SPL and am reading them as they pop up. Isabella was a disappointment; The Last Hellion kind of blah, if fast-paced.
Mr. Impossible is everything I remembered her writing to be. A hit! A palpable hit. The hero is a huge scapegrace lug recruited as a bodyguard; the neroine is a smoking hot (duh) Egyptian scholar; the plot begins with not one bang but about three in a row. Plot elements: plausible. Characters: realistic and interesting except for forgiveable over-hotness. Attraction: believable. Local color: thickly layered. Adventure: ensues.

I wouldn't be surprised if whoever wrote the script for The Mummy read this book. Victorian Egypt is a perfect setting for this kind of adventure/romance story.

Highly recommend.

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