Reading Journal Entry: Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase

A five-day conference knocked out most of my weekend reading and the plane wasn't as productive as I had hoped, so today and tomorrow it's romance novels - quick, satisfying, and above all, quick.

The Seattle Public Library is beginning to get ahead of me - I'm way behind on the books I've checked out. But it's so hard for me to return them before I read them, or leave them languishing on the 'reserved' shelf. They're piling up on the 'library' bookshelf by the front door, sneering at me every time I come in or out. Like uncompleted homework.

Miss Wonderful is the same species as Mr. Impossible. Alistair Corsington is a war hero who needs to get a canal rammed through a rural area. Mirabel Oldridge is manager of the largest piece of property involved. Can the twain find a resolution to their age-old progress v. preservation debate? Can they resolve the sexual tension that draws them together, even as their opposing goals force them to opposite sides of the conflict? Find out on page 194!

Mirabel is a take-charge dame who takes no prisoners, and at 31 is actually two years older than her Hero - very rare. It's set in the Regency period but released from the typical drawing-room furbelows by the inclusion of actual conflict. A thoroughly enjoyable, competently written volume.

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