Author Highlight

Unpacking a box of books today I found a Regency novel that has survuved all the winnowings that my book collection has gone through over 6000 miles and four+ moves.

It's The Sandalwood Princess, by Loretta Chase. I picked it up for 50 cents at the Friends of the Library used book store in Newport Beach about 7 years ago. It impressed me so much as an example of the way Regencies should be written that I've kept it all this time. This is the book I reread at the beginning of my multitudinous attempts to write category romances. It's a great example of best of breed. In fact, I just learned it was awarded the RWA's Best Regency the year it came out.

I googled Loretta Chase and I'm happy to know she's still writing. I've reserved a passle of her books at the library and will be reading them soon. I hope this will convince people that I don't hate all romances!

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