Great Books: Arrow of God, by Chinua Achebe

Arrow of God, like Things Fall Apart, is set among the Umuofia in the early days of African colonialism. Ezeulu is the priest of Ulu, and aribtrater of the calendar of the barvest. He's a member of the old guard. But his village is changing. Christianity has been introduced, and the white man's world encroaches.
What is this about? It's hard for me to say.

Ezeulu has conflicts with his sons - one he doesn't like, one is a drunkard, one he sent to become a Christian, one is a child. He has conflicts with the white administrators, who lock him up for a month and disrupt the rhythm of the village because he doesn't act respectful enough.

In the end his world has fallen apart but it's hard to say whether he was free to do other than he did. Does he bear the blame? Does Ulu? Is he an instrument of the God or its target?

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