Reading Journal Entry: Isabella, by Loretta Chase

Oh dear. I read this over the weekend and now I can't remember a thing about it.

Except that it was large print. Nice, large print.

I was really hoping for better from Ms. Chase!

OK, right, now I remember. Isabella is a well-dowered 26-year-old whose mother belonged to the ton before eloping with a merchant. This is the second eloping mother - I'm sending a theme.

Old scandal, appealing young female ward, mix in a titled nobleman or two, and voila! A pretty run of the mill category Regency.


Richard Mason said...

Belonged to the ton?

mapletree7 said...

Sorry about that.

Ton is a specialized Regency word that has fallen out of use in modern English.

"Ton: Fashionable Society, or the fashion. From the French bon ton, meaning good form, ie good manners, good breeding, etc. A person could be a member of the ton, attend ton events, or be said to have good ton (or bad ton)."


Regency romances, like science fictio, have evolved their own vocabulary.

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