Reading Journal Entry: The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars, by Steven Brust

One of the 'Fairy Tale' series of books edited by Terri Windling.

Brust uses a Hungarian fairy tale as a clotheshangar for an exploration of the meaning of art and myth in modern life.

The main character, Greg, is one of five artists who have hung together for three years trying to develop themselves. We meet him as he begins to tackle his largest canvas ever. But the group is beginning to fall apart, from lack of success and lack of respect in equal measures.

Greg develops a mythological image on his canvas, riffing on the meaning of art and other bullshit themes, and occasionally drops bits and pieces of a fable about a gyosys trying to restore the lights to the heavens.

Greg is an annoying, pretentious, opinionated asshole. This supplies much of the charm for the book.

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