Reading Journal Entry: Some Bitter Taste, by Meredith Nabb

Now THIS is more like it!

I had begun wondering if I was out of my head for liking these books in high school. Finally, with Some Bitter Taste, I got a sample of the atmosphere and tension that got Nabb this best-selling series to begin with.

Some Bitter Taste is set during July, and she perfectly captures the mind-numbing heat that soaks the city.

Moreover, the book starts out with a prostitution ring and escalates quickly to a burglary and then a murder. This exciting beginning made me overlook a multitude of flaws, first the rapid transifguration of the murder into an accidental death, then the way some threads tied together much too neatly and others not at all.

I even forgive her for stealing the hook from Simenon's Maigret and the Spinster.

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