Reading Journal Entry: The Marshall at the Villa Torrini

Magdalen Nabb's mystery series is located in Florence, and her detective is a 'carabiniere' - a member of the local police force. Carabinieri are famed for being blockheads, probably because they give out traffic and parking tickets as well as investigating murders. I read a few when I lived in Florence and was reminded of them recently (thanks Mom) so picked this up at the library. Unfortunately, neither te Marshal now Ms. Nabb's writing seems to have aged gracefully. I remember him as a charming young man - now he's a grumpy married dad who can't finish a sentence without trailing off into contemplative haze. This confusion is supposed to indicate a genius at work, I understand, but at times this intuitive power is attributed to the reader as well, who is expected to figure out what the heck is going on when the Marshal wakes up in the middle of a conversation.

I'll try some of the earlier volumes, I expect.

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