Reading Journal Entry: Bundle of Trouble #7

I feel a bit like I'm cheating to review graphic novels here, since they're so easy to read. But I've got a cold and it's my husband's birthday and, damn it, there was NO HEAT today! So a graphic novel is what you get.

Knights of the Dinner Table is a comic about role-playing. The art is atrocious, near non-existant even. But it's hilarious for those who are familiar with the characters who inhabit it. My husband and I enjoy it very, very much. Ongoing story-lines are a strength. The 'Bundles of Trouble' are the collected volumes, which include bonus material that is well worth the price.

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spork-girl said...

i suck. i forgot to call bro-in-law for the glorious anniversary of his auspicious birth. i'm sorry.

p.s. are you not doing the other blog anymore?