Reading Journal Entry: The Bridge, by Iain Banks

One of the best books I've read all year. And that's saying something.

The Bridge is a psychological tour de France. It begins with a car crash. The novel proceeds with the protagonist (named John Orr by his rescuers) a victim of amnesia, trying to create a life for himself in a strange society existing entirely on a huge, seemingly endless bridge.

His psychologist seems to be able to read his mind and his TV isn't working. No-one knows where the bridge leads or who built it. The semaphores worked into the text are endless and wonderful; this was a real joy to read.

Banks has an uncanny ability to evoke the disorientation that occurs when one wakes from a vivid dream. Again and again, reading this, I was struck by intense feelings of deja vu as Orr's emotions (not, of course, his circumstances) struck a chord.


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Richard Mason said...

The Bridge is Banks's own favorite of his books.