Reading Journal Entry: Marque & Reprisal, by Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon's latest space drama. This is her second novel about the Vatta family, a trading concern. And a good thing too, because her last couple books set in the 'Serrano' universe were, ehm, not good. She needed a new universe to play in. Kylara Vatta's family lives in a much less civilized and chaotic place. As evinced by the way, shortly after the novel begins, the Vatta home compound and numerous holdings are explosively destroyed by person or persons unknown. Kylara survives, and she and surviving family members must struggle to preserve their lives and find out who is targeting them and why. The action kept the book flowing, but I was disappointed by several set-ups which did not lead to pay-off - almost as if the book wasn't long enough, so she threw in an extra character or two for spice without bothering to change the plot to accomodate them. I like my conventions unviolated, thank you!
Fun space opera, should appeal to people who like the Honor Harrington series or Bujold.

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