Reading Journal Entry: Drawing Cutting Edge Comics, by Christopher Hart

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics promises to take everything to the extreme. This is the remedy to the teen artist dulled by Jim Lee's sixties sensibility - this book teaches you how to draw comics just like Todd McFarlane's Spidey!!!! Of course, that's not what it says, but it's true enough. With McFarlane Mary Jane looked like a porn star and Peter Parker looked like an alien. With the help of this book, you too can draw porn stars and aliens who look like sensitive nineties men with their masks off. Use extreme forshortening! Combine genres in totally new ways, like fantasy + industrial! All right, I'm being too hard on this book. It's probably a good freshener for skilled artists who want to draw more towards the current superhero market. But not much good for anyone else. Nonetheless I'm sure it's very popular.

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