Book of the Day will be on hiatus for the month of November for National Novel Writing Month.

And in completely unrelated news.

Recently I have not been averaging a post a day. I have had some personal and professional stresses eating up my time.

Well, on the last day of October (Happy Halloween!) I quit my job. I'm going to take a short vacation and then start my own lecture agency. Wish me luck! I'm very excited.

I hope I will continue to have time to devote to reading. If it becomes a problem, I'll evaluate my time management and make a decision. But as of this moment I intend to get going again at the beginning of December.


Maxine said...

What a brave decision. Well done.

All the very best of luck with your lecture agency --- keep us posted on how it goes.
And good luck also with the novel!

all best

Richard said...

Good luck!

Research indicates that you did this novel thing last November, and we never saw the result. Outrage!

mapletree7 said...

Thanks! And yes, it's true. I am a four or five time NaNo loser. I have always run out of plot. This time I spent more time plotting and I'm hopeful that I'll reach the full 50,000 for the first time.

Last year's book was about an enchanted lady with a pig's head.