In which I muse on an unnamed self-help book

I can't review the last book I read this week because it would get me in trouble.

Let's just say I've been experiencing some difficulties in one of my relationships. And I picked up a self-help book that references said relationship in a derogatory manner in the title. Out of a sense of self-preservation, I will not be revealing the name of the book.

If you're reading this, and you know me, it's not you. Really. I swear. It's totally not you!

You (generic reader you) are not missing much, though, because thus wasn't a great book. Pretty run of the mill. Classifies people into neat little categories, tells a few funny anecdotes about how moronic people can be, and gives the reader a nice slap upside the head. The problem may not be your fault, says this (and every other self-help book), but it is at this moment your responsibility. You are undoubtedly contributing to the problem. So adjust your expectations and your attitude.

I adjusted myself and tried wearing a new attitude this week. So far, so good.


wrnglrjan said...

I knew you were mad at me!

You never call, you never write.


rose said...

we should totally write a self-help book. in fact, we should get dan to program us a generator that allows anyone to write a self-help book a la madlibs.