Reading Journal Entry: The Children of the Company, by Kage Baker

Kage Baker's Company series is the awesomeest of awesome. BEST TIME TRAVEL SERIES EVER!

But damn it, I want to know what happens next! The last several books have only been inching slowly toward the crisis point in 2355. This one is no better. It's really more a collection of short stories than a novel. They're good short stories, but DAMN! Unsatisfying!

That said, the first story is a really wonderful re-telling of the Gilgamesh epic. And I TOTALLY wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't read that as one of my very first great books.

In short, READ THIS SERIES! Start with In the Garden of Iden. Then read all the other ones. Because if you aren't reading this yet, this IS the best series you're not reading. Then you can come back here and bitch about this with me, because misery loves company.

OK, I threw myself into slang overload there - I need to go remember that I am 30 for a while. Have a good weekend!

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Richard Mason said...

Have you read Silverberg's Gilgamesh the King? I thought that was an interesting retelling/rationalization of the Gilgamesh story.

Small World Dept.: We were house-hunting a few weeks back and noticed that one nice (but unaffordable) house in Venice had an inordinate number of books by Stephen Mitchell and Byron Katie. Afterwards we decided that the house probably belonged to Stephen Mitchell and Byron Katie (neither of whom we were previously familiar with).