Reading Journal Entry: Mind Into Matter by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D

I have a lot of sympathy for subjectivism. There's something to the study of consciousness and the experience of the observer in the study of the observed. And so I was quite carried along by Dr. Wolf's discussions of the nature of consciousness and reality. I was even willing to forgive his rather opaque writing style and the way he assumes the reader is familiar with all the basic concepts of 'spiritual alchemy'. Until I got to a section where he discusses something I know about: evolution. Seemingly out of nowhere, Wolf starts talking about the origins of life and evolution and how unlikely it all is.

I can only assume that the rest of the book was exactly as full as shit.

Dr. Wolf's claim to fame is his appearance in the film 'What the Bleep Do We Know'. Coincidentally, just today I found an article on Salon discussing rumors that the movie is really a recruitment film for a cult.....

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