No book review for you

You know why? Because I have hives. All over my body. Big red blotchy itchy hives. I moved to a new apartment on Saturday, and I haven't been able to sleep for four days because my skin itches so bad, and I have NOT had time to finish reading Erewhon by Samuel Johnson. I am awash in a sea of ineffectual antihistamines.

Even if I had finished it I don't have internet access yet at the new place. Even if I had internet access I don't know where my computer is. It's buried somewhere beneath the over 100 boxes we moved from one 3 bedroom apartment to our new 3 bedroom apartment. Some of those boxes have not been opened since we moved them from California to New York 3 years ago. This is just too much crap for two people. I plan to institute a new slash and burn policy.


Except for my books, of course.

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