This is only the beginning....

You may have noticed a new title.

'Adventures in Reading' seemed a bit generic. Now that I've been doing this for about 6 months I realize that I actually do read about 5 books a week. Disgusting. And I'm disgustingly proud of it. I keep bragging about it. To my husband. As if he hadn't noticed I read a lot.

Figured I might as well trade on it, because while there's a whole bunch of other schmucks out there reading and reviewing books, I'm betting there aren't a whole lot of other people doing so on a daily basis.

Before long I expect to actually be changing, say, the text and background color! Keep an eye out for more exciting formatting changes!


deborahborah said...

How do you manage to read a book (300ish pages) a day? Do you sort of skim-read? Or are you able to read seven hours a day? Do you get engrossed when you read so that you lose track of time?

mapletree7 said...

I read a lot and really fast is all there is to it.

I read for about 20 minutes while I'm eating breakfast and about 20 minutes before going to bed. I listen to 90 minutes of an audiobook during my commute every day, that adds up to a book a week usually.
Then I read during the evenings sometimes and on weekends too. And during lunch I listen to a different audiobook than the one for the commute, while I'm walking.

And then today I took the train into the city from work and spent another 90 minutes reading....

And yeah, I totally lose track of time. Reading has really always been about escapism for me. My parents had to put limits on the number of comic books I could read daily.

Sad alert: I remember telling my Mom when I was about 11 that I wasn't ever happy except when I was reading. She gave me this weird look and said that was the saddest thing she'd ever heard. 10 years later I remember this and think, duh, Mom! Counseling! Please! She's lucky we all made it to adulthood.

I have this book I'm almost done with that you totally need to read. It's called 'An Unreasonable Woman' and it's about this activist fighting chemical companies... you'll love her. I'll send it to you
when I'm done.

deborahborah said...

That would be great -- thanks!

My current books of the day:

The Millionaire Next Door. (Embarrassing that I'm admitting this publicly. At least I'm just skimming.)

The Coffeehouse Investor. (Slightly less embarrassing, but still.)

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. (Just picked up at library today. I will probably love it so I will finish it in three days and then be back to literary limbo.)