Reading Journal Entry: 50 Hikes in the Lower Hudson Valley

This is the best walk/hike book I know of for the New York City and vicinity area. A variety of hikes are described, from easy strolls to multiple-day Applachian Train outings. The 'basics' are broken down in a grid, making it easy to see the essential information about each trail: how hard it is, how many feet of elevation is travelled, what access is allowed, what attractions are nearby.

The directions to the beginning of each hike have been very clear; the descriptions of the trails themselves could be a little more fleshed out but are up-to-date. There are maps included for each hike, but they are not sufficiently detailed for orienting yourself if you decide to stray from the suggested route. Each hike description is seasoned with just enough historical or geological information to be interesting without burying the trail directions.

I love hiking in this area, which is truly beautiful, and I'm very thankful to the New York-New Jersey Trail conference for the tireless work they put into maintaining and preserving public access. Authors Stella Green and H. Neil Zimmerman are past officials of the conference, and I'm glad I gave them my money.



deborahborah said...

Are the trails all nature trails or are there any city walks referenced?

mapletree7 said...

They're all nature walks, but some are less rural than others and start or end at an urban area.