Reading Journal Entry: Adventure, Vol 1

Another gem I picked up at the BEA. This one's a real charmer, with a man on a fedora swinging from a rope and shooting a gun on the cover, which promises 'All-New TERRIFIC Tales' and claims to be THE ALL-GENRE ALL-ADVENTURE PULP ANTHOLOGY FOR THE NEW MILLENIA!!

Kage Baker's name on the cover is what caught my eye, but there are a roster of other impressive names: Michael Moorcock, Mike Resnick '& MANY MORE!' The book delivers. Although some of the stories contained herein aren't quite as chock full of adventure as I had hoped, they're all interesting, and span the range of genres from sci-fi to western and back.

Monkey Brain Books usually publishes non-fiction genre material - companion books and the like - but I hope this sells well enough that they continue the series.

Highly recommended for genre fans.

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