breaking radio silence

I'm still here.

I'm just trying to figure out what to do.

I realized in November that my reading habits had become negative. I was arranging my life around reading five books a week, and I didn't have time to enjoy them thoroughly or think about them thoroughly when writing a review.

Reading was becoming a chore. And I was putting off reading the classics that I wanted to read because they were too long and would mess up my schedule.

This is not consistent with my goals. Since I will be starting a new business, I will have less free time to read anyhow.

I don't think I will keep on reviewing a book every weekday. That means I need a new blog name. And raison d'etre.

I'll think fo one shortly. Meanwhile, I am reading Middlemarch and enjoying it very much.

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Maxine said...

Nice to hear from you! How about Mapletree for a blog name?

Look forward to seeing you in your new incarnation, whatever it will be --- and I hope you enjoy Middlemarch as much as I did, it is a wonderful novel in my opinion.

There is a very good "Reading Middlemarch" blog led by Isabella of Magnificent Octopus (in Canada). They have finished reading the book now: I really enjoyed reading their posts about it. Let me know if you don't know it and I will dig out the url, it was probably something like