I am in a bad mood

Because I can't get something awful out of my head. This bit of information jumped out of a whole set of pretty awful stuff (Cambodian genocide, land mines) as being particularly bad.

I haven't even told my husband about this, because what's the point? Why does he need to know this?

So, here's my awful factoid:

If a child steps on a landmine, and has a limb amputated (or is an amputee for other reasons, I assume), they need to go back to the hospital every 6 months or so to get their stump re-cut until they stop growing. Because their bones are still growing, and the bones will actually grow out beyond the flesh of the stump and get infected if not properly re-amputated.

This is the most ghastly thing I've ever heard. I can't imagine the horror, the pain, the struggle (especially in developing countries) to constantly re-access medical care.

So, now, maybe, having put it out there, I can stop thinking about it.

Hey, why don't you donate a few bucks to The Cambodia Fund, while you're thinking about it.

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