Reading Journal Entry: Dragon Venom, by Lawrence Watt-Evans

The latest volume in The Obsidian Chronicles, by Lawrence Watt-Evans. WE is a veteran fantasy author with probably over a dozen books under his belt.

The three volumes stand on their own, and I thought this one was the best of three - he brought the themes and events of the previous two books to their natural conclusion, wrapped everything up neatly with a nice big cliffhanger left over.

Recommend for fans of fantasy. I got my signed, first-edition copy directly from the author:

Watt-Evans is also currently engaged in what he calls an experiment in alternative publishing. His is the author of several humourous fantasy novels set in Ethshar. The next book in the series is being written and posted on his website at the rate of a chapter a week as long as he gets continuing donations of $100 weekly. I'm glad to have the chance to read more about Ethshar, and sent in my $5.00 already.

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