Reading Journal Entry: Lyonesse, by Jack Vance

Lyonesse was recommended to me as 'one of the best books I've ever read' (even though the cover does make it look like a romance novel).

Conclusion: not quite. Although had I read it about ten years ago I might have thought so.

It's a sweeping fantasy story set in the Elder Isles among battling kingdoms. Magicians, fairies, ogres, and sweet young things (male & female) figure heavily.

It's good. It's very good. The setting is great - very detailed. Lots of politics. The characters are likable (in appropriate measure) and realistic. The style is not my favorite - a sparse 'tell the tale' voice that's reminiscent of the Grimm fairy tales.

Vance does a spectacular job with the plot, which ranges far and wide and manages to startle the reader. It does take a good 10 pages to pick up speed, though.

I can tell that this book heavily influenced George R. R. Martin.


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The Alchemist?